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High School Panty Check's Journal
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Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
11:59 am
Assistant Principal Demoted Over Thong Check
Board Makes Decision After Public Comment

The Poway Unified School District voted unanimously Monday night to demote a Rancho Bernardo High School assistant principal to a teaching position, because of a thong check she conducted at a school dance.

Rita Wilson, who had girls lift their skirts to make sure they were not wearing thong underwear at a April 26 dance, was re-assigned to a "certificated non-administrative position" on a 5-0 vote.

Ashley Wydra, a recent graduate, accused Wilson of lying about how many girls were subjected to the thong check. In a newspaper article Sunday, Wilson apparently said that she checked only a few students, but Wydra said it was more like 100.

"I can't believe you just lied to everyone," Wydra said. "How can you live with yourself."

At another point, Wydra walked up to Wilson and told her, "You, stay away from my little sister." Wilson did not acknowledge her. (more)

Recommendation made over dance thong check - UNION-TRIBUNE (June 16)
Assistant principal offered teaching position - UNION-TRIBUNE (June 18)
Thong check fallout: California school administrator demoted for underwear inspection - Associate Press (June 18)
USA Today AP (June 19)
CBS News AP (June 19)
Daytona Beach News Journal AP (June 19) Message Boards
CNN AP (June 18)
Ana Nova (June 18)
Her colleague will return to the school in the autumn. The school says sacking either of them could open the education authority to legal action
Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
5:24 pm
thongs for kids!
Abercrombie's kiddie thongs provoke anger


NEW YORK, May 22 (Reuters) - Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE:ANF), the youth-oriented clothing retailer accused of peddling a pornographic catalog and racist T-shirts in the past, is now stirring up controversy with another of its wares: thongs for kids.

The underwear -- a rearless style typically worn by adult women -- is decorated with pictures of cherries and sayings such as "wink wink" and "eye candy." The New Albany, Ohio-based chain said it has sold them since January at its 150-store "abercrombie" unit, which targets children ages 7 to 14. (more)
Sunday, June 9th, 2002
10:45 am
Full 'Thong Check' Report Released
Vice Principal, Counselor Were Wrong, Report Says
Officials from the Poway Unified School District released a full report detailing the "thong controversy" at Rancho Bernardo High School Wednesday, June 5.

The district report regarding an administrator who checked female students for thong underwear at a school dance in April makes it very clear that assistant principal Rita Wilson acted "inappropriately," and on her own.

The report says she went "far beyond the grounds of propriety."
Most of the students that spoke to the press felt bad about the situation and what's happening to Wilson, but they're not sure she should be allowed to stay at the school.

The report also said that school counselor Natalie Johnson used poor judgment that night. She assisted Wilson, but had no training in student searches.
The board of trustees will review the report, Phillips will make a recommendation, and then the board will decide later this month whether any action will be taken
Video News Report

Dear RB principal: Just a little speech on that thong thing Commentary, Sign On San Diego, June 1
2 on RB High staff faulted for checks of undergarments June 5, 2002
School underwear checks defended - UNION-TRIBUNE June 6, 2002
Saturday, May 25th, 2002
11:27 pm
Nine Speakers Supported Wilson's Actions
Criticism, Support Surrounds School's Thong Check

Superintendent Donald Phillips told the roughly 175 people attending the meeting at Morning Creek Elementary School that an investigation of the incident was continuing.

So far, Wilson, an assistant principal since 1997, has not been formally disciplined.
Monday, May 13th, 2002
11:10 am
Rita Wilson Television Interview

In a video taped interview Friday, May 10, with NBC affiliate station KNSD-TV
vice principal Rita Wilson, made an attempt to explain why it was neccessary to check underwear at the annual high school dance April 26th

With legal representation by her side and birds chirping in the background, the moderately edited 30 minute Q&A can be seen in full screen here.

KNSD-TV Discussion Board

What were the ground rules for the interview?
Since the interview is so long, why weren't the interview ground rules explained on the broadcasters site?
Exactly what was edited from the interview?
Why didn't the local newspapers provide a link to the online video interview in their stories about it?
7:34 am
An issue of rights and thongs for today's teens


Schools barely get baggy-to-the-knees pants and bare bellies under control, or at least cover, when thong panties snap them to attention.

The issue was revealed recently when administrators at Rancho Bernardo High School in Southern California stopped teen girls arriving for a dance and asked if they were wearing thong underwear. Some were even asked to prove it. Thong-wearers were then sent home to change into panties that presumably offered more coverage.

Did it occur to the thong police that some of these offenders might come from homes where thongs reign? Apparently not. But these diligent officials did offer equal opportunity harassment. A 17-year-old male arriving in a toga had to lift it up to prove he was wearing shorts underneath. A police officer patrolling the scene suggested the exams be stopped. They weren't.

Are Seattle area students in danger of being exposed to thong checks?

When local schools were called for comments, most had heard of the incident, which made the national news. Those who had not were momentarily silenced. You could almost hear them taking deep breaths, weighing their words. Then they laughed. Uproariously.

And according to a memo from the Seattle School Board, students have the right to "freedom from unreasonable search and seizure while at school." Dress codes are usually worked out by individual schools with parental and student input.

Full Story
Thursday, May 9th, 2002
8:47 am
Rita's Mother/Father In-Law Responds
Sign On San Diego Editorial 05/08/02

Don't be so quick to condemn principal

Rita Wilson, assistant principal at Rancho Bernardo High School, is our daughter-in-law. We are hurt and astounded by the vitriolic and questionable accusations aimed at Rita.

Rita is a fine young woman and a terrific homemaker. She is the mother of two super kids, our grandchildren. She is the loving wife of our son and is very special to us.

It was difficult for Rita to respond at once to the accusations against her with such an unexpected media "feeding frenzy." When she presents her side of the story, we think many people might be ashamed of their hateful letters and comments.

Rita had a difficult job, trying to enforce a dress code for the school, and as a mother herself, one she realizes parents should have enforced.

Sunday, May 5th, 2002
3:58 pm
Why This Community Was Created?
PATRICK SALAMI, a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School, set-up a discussion board for individuals around the world to discuss the school's controversy that was created by assistant principal Rita Wilson checking underwear of thin female students attending an annual dance. On Saturday May 4, he took down the discussion board due to pressure from teachers and the threat of potential litigation.

Most frequent users of LiveJournal are: Females (15-18 year old).

This community is a vehicle to discuss and evaluate the issues of this international story in an open and non-resistrive environment. Off topic comments will be deleted.


KNSD-TV Discussion Board
The San Diego Union Tribune's Forum
Yahoo - "Vice Principal Checks for Thongs"

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